Thursday, 18 June 2015

June - Is this your real beginning to 2015

This year seems to have been stop start all the way, blighted with freezing weather and two Mercury retrogrades causing havoc.  But this week, from Tues 16th June to be exact, there's a new moon in Gemini making us all realise that our new beginnings are finally here.   Everything that is blocking us is falling away and we have the impetus to race ahead.   Not that I'm not an professional astrologer - I believe in focus, determination, hard work and of course a sprinkle of positive visualisations to charge your belief system and ignite the law of attraction.    But everything helps right?  And even if you're not into astrology the placebo affect of everyone talking about it or believing in it, might just shove you in the right direction.

Sowhatever you want to materialise, write it down in the present tense, visualise the outcome for ten minutes a day minimum, and act as if it's already happened.   Write affirmations on your fridge door, clear out clutter to clear your mind and energy and get ready to jump into that bright new world.

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